IMG_0107When they started planning their venture Julen Steiger & Cie in 2013, Florian Steiger and Mario Julen ended up having a lengthy discussion about exploring the Swiss Alps from East to West and North to South.

heliski-safari-switzerland_about_MarioJulenWith Mario being born in Zermatt and Florian having a family history originating in the Engadin, it was probably predestined that they would link those crossing the lesser known valleys and peaks in the Central Swiss Alps.

Curiosity, enthusiasm and an open mind for exploring new territories brought the two together. Starting in the family hospitality business, Mario became a seasoned mountain guide and world traveller exploring the unknown for his hospitality and real estate activities.

Florian passed on his initial architectural career for 15 years of experience as a music industry entrepreneur, always coming back to his beloved Swiss Alps.

The foundation of Heli-Ski Safari, Switzerland was laid right there, together with Mario’s passion as a helicopter pilot and Florian’s never-ending search for off-piste skiing and beautiful hidden spots.

You can search wide and far for the ultimate skiing experience, from Kamchatka to Alaska, India to Greenland, but the Swiss Alps will always be able to offer the ultimate, unique mix of exceptional sceneries, secret runs, gourmet tables, historic luxury hotels and authentic culture to be shared with a group of friends.

The combinations for a customized journey are almost unlimited with Switzerland being at the crossroads of the French, Italian and German culture,

Be our guest…