HeliSkiSafari 2017 – Day 3

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IMG_a_small7:30 am, the group meets for breakfast and the morning briefing. The weather and snow conditions are not optimal, to say the least. The cloud cover is thick, it rained much too high during the night and the previous day. It is still raining, on and off. The helicopter is grounded.

The group takes the train from Andermatt to the Oberalppass at 2044m. A damp, 2-hour ski-tour on skins lead to the Maighelshütte. The sky partially clears and after a meal the group skies back down to the road on the Grisons side of the Oberalppass where the HeliSkiSafari van waits for a swift transfer to the Casa Tödi hotel and restaurant in Trun.

IMG_c_smallA lovely walk through and around the small village and an exquisite dinner in the charming gastronomical restaurant of Casa Tödi offer a lovely end to this day.

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